We recruit, train, motivate and retain highly capable and sharpest talent, who bring quality in their work and deliver the best solutions. We nurture our people and turn them in to our assets. Neither our people are complacent, nor are we. To satisfy the ever knowledge hungry minds of our people, we regularly conduct Continuous Learning programs, apart from undergoing CPE training with ICAI.

We have a strict Performance policy and our people progress in their careers solely based on their accomplishments. We reward achievements and support, inspire & help improve those who do not succeed (though it seldom happens). By utilising ample opportunities for career progression, people in our organisation have risen from mere Interns to CFO's of various organisations.

To ensure that a candidate is a right fit to the organisation, we look for blend of the below

  • Academic records
  • Superior Technical knowledge
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Computing ability
  • Extracurricular achievements
  • Track record of a distinguished career progression
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